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Cat Collar FISH BONES 2 NYLON 20-30cm /

Cat Collar FISH BONES 2 NYLON 20-30cm /



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Adjustable to fit your catEasy to useOutdoor qualityWith practical safety closureWith bellDescription:One of our aims at Duvo+ is to keep on strengthening that all important bond with your pet, and there's no better way to do this than by getting out and about together! The Duvo+ 'Buddies on the Gooo' range offers a wide selection of handy accessories to ensure that your outing with your pet is as safe and comfortable as possible

This nylon collar can be adjusted to fit your cat and is simple to use

The safety closure on the collar is specially designed to break open should your cat fall and find herself dangling from a branch or fence

The closure will open straight away under 2kg or more of force.