Filter Sponge coarse Bioflow 3.0 , Super/Compact

VNR: J88050

Þú verður að vera innskráður til að sjá verð vöru.

The JUWEL filter sponge coarse serves for the mechanical and biological filtering of your aquarium, making it an essential component of the JUWEL filter system. The coarse pore structure gives a large surface area, guaranteeing relatively high and even water flow velocity. This means that it is particularly suited to biological filtering in the aerobic area. The open pores of the JUWEL filter sponge were made without the use of chemicals, meaning that there is no residue. >Best mechanical and biological filtering characteristics >Homogenous structure, guaranteeing even flow conditions >No chemical residue >Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums >LxWxH: 9,5x9,5x4,5cm
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